Sunday, March 14, 2010

Comments on Another's Rundown

Over at Script Shadow we have this week's Weekly Rundown. These are the bits that caught my attention, and a few brief thoughts on them.

First, a King Arthur movie to be helmed by Guy Ritchie is in the works. It'll be written by John Hodge (Trainspotting). Variety Article.

The first thing I thought was "weren't there a couple big budget King Arthur movies like, 5 years ago?"

 To which I responded to myself "well, apparently I don't have to worry when I see something on screen that deals with the same source material as something I'd like to do, because it doesn't necessarily mean my stuff wouldn't get made." To which I again responded to myself "... well, if you've a big enough name."

However! It wasn't until after my little schizophrenic conversation that I noticed the "re-imagining" bit. Re-imagine is a term that has been thrown around alot lately, connected to projects like the Battlestar Galactica series and the new Halloween of Rob Zombie's. It's a word I wouldn't be surprised was dreamed up by some marketing spinster (spinster as in "one who spins tales" rather than a misogynistic term for an unmarried woman past the age of 40).To me, it still means remake, and to me, it still makes me go "weren't there a couple big budget King Arthur movies like, 5 years ago?" Unless the re-imagine is like, King Arthur in Space or something, I don't know if I buy it. That's not to say I wouldn't see it if trailers looked great, I love the Once and Future King book and I didn't see the previous King Arthurs anyway...

I was going to talk about the new Police Academy movie that's to be made, but... meh.

Lastly, Pet Sematary remake. So far, the term "re-imagining" isn't being connected to this project that I've seen. I wonder when/if it will and why it isn't yet - people like buzzwords. Maybe it has to do with it being an adaptation from a book? Maybe it's because it's Stephen King and to "re-imagine" his story would be disrespectful? Or maybe there is a subtlety to the term that is being observed and it isn't completely b.s. I wouldn't put it past the machine to use the word regardless, if somehow movie buzz starts going south for this project.

It'll be written by Matthew Greenberg who wrote the lackluster Halloween H20, but the pretty decent 1408 (another Stephen King work).  Hollywood Reporter Article

Oh, and quick comment on this: Variety Article

Pitch sold for film "Premature Maturation" - It's basically the movie Big but it happens to a group of kids rather than just the one. As Scott of Go Into the Story said about it when he reported it, perfect example of the "same but different" that studios want. Sold for mid-six figures. MID SIX FIGURES! I want mid-six figures for repitching  Big 20+ years later... and adding more kids.


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  2. There's a also a "re-imagining" of "Nightmare On Elm Street." To me these projects always scream "relying on built-in audience."

    "Premature Maturation" sounds...ill-advised.

    I edited for clarity. I totally think you should get mid-six figures for YOUR "Big" pitch.