Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Think I'm Back Again. Again.

Self Portrait

I dropped out of blogging due to computer problems, but then shame on me - I never came back (and then the computer malfunctioned even worse a couple months ago and I lost my writings - I think it was punishment for my extended break).

But I'm back again, again. And this is what I'm doing to really get back:

1) Reading my blog roll! I haven't looked at some most any of these for months (I'm awful). 

2) Re-Rewriting the screenplays I lost in the fire hard drive failure.

3) Compiling a list of movies that affect me, reading those screenplays.

4) Reading the new screenplays all the cool bloggers are talking about.

5) Compiling motivational soundtracks (yeah.) Edited to Clarify: Not like, "Eye of the Tiger" and "You're the Best Around", though I have one of those too, but like, mood music for the screenplays I'm working on.

So, all you kids who are bad, like me, and not doing the things you should be doing, Get On That! It's fall, losers, back to school time. The school of life and hard knocks. Word to your mother.

And P.S. The soundtrack isn't procrastinating if John August says you should do it, right?

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