Friday, September 10, 2010

Pitiful! Just Pitiful!

These are my new glasses. Kanye said they tight. New trend. 2011.

Nathaniel over at Film Experience Blog posted here about this NYTimes article here, talking about TV vs Film and whether Film sucks right now, compared to TV.
I agree with what Nate said, basically that they're comparing the best of tv with the lesser of film, and a bunch of other things. Read his stuff yourself. What I want to get around to saying is, the article/blogpost particularly caught my attention because just last night, I texted to my boyfriend that I needed to become a better cinephile - I watch far more tv series (not on actual television mind you - internet & DVD o'course) than films. The hours I dedicate to television is at least 1000% that of film (seriously, at least - it's probably more like 5000%, maybe more)- and this isn't a matter of spending $11 at the theater - the majority of dvds in my collection are movies I haven't seen! I buy them at $5 and then let them dust. And to better illustrate the severity of my problem, here is what I've watched in the last 4 weeks or so (now with math!):

3.5 seasons of Mad Men
1.5 seasons of Cheers
1 season of Vampire Diaries
2 seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
approx 6 episodes of True Blood
approx 4 episodes of Psych

85-ish hours

State and Main
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
1/2 of Zombie Apocalypse

5 - 6 hours

1700% more TV. Or something. This was quick, estimate-y math.

And to make it worse, the majority of TV was a repeat viewing! Mad Men (third or second time, depending on the season), Cheers (third time), Vampire Diaries (second time), It's Always Sunny (probably 5th time). The movies, on the other hand, were all watched for the first time. And no, not "Ah, well, you had a bad month, I'm sure usually you usually watch more movies." LIES! This was an above average month for movies. Possibly an above average month for tv too, but maybe not. It's probably not far off. Sure, sometimes I go through phases where I watch a ton of film, but not generally, and not compared to my epic series watching.

That child tried to get between me and my TV. This ain't no joke, tyke. I'll punch a kid. And then steal his clothes. And then get nekkid with my tv set. 'Cause that's how I roll.

Ah! And I can't even remember whether I watched Secret Diaries of a Call Girl (for the second time) this month or the month before. (Oh! AND I watched some episodes of Entourage.)

Anyway, this pitiful record and I want to be a screenwriter? What an a-hole. Amiright?

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