Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Has Happened To Me?

She's got laser eyes. She knows what you're thinking.
Where have I been?

At Go Into The Story, Scott posted an interview with Chris Provenzano and C. Gaby Mitchell, writers of the currently in theaters movie, Get Low. And I read it.

I knew absolutely nothing about this movie.

I saw the poster last week when I passed by Landmark Theater on my way to buy a cookbook from Borders. It caught my attention, but for only a second, and probably only because I had never heard of the film. It's not a very good poster, and the only thought I really had besides "Whoa, hey Robert Duvall, haven't seen you in a while" and "Oh, Sissy Spacek" was "... Get Low? Like... Lil' Jon "Get Low""?

Public Service Announcement

But after reading the interview, WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS MOVIE!?

For other people who need refreshing (or full on schoolin') from the earlier GITS link:
Based loosely on a real-life Southern hermit, the film centers on Felix Bush (Duvall) who exits 40 years of cranky hibernation to hold his own mock funeral and tell everyone who’s ever supposed what a monster he is, what actually drove him to his self-imposed woodland exile. Happy to help stage the event and take Bush’s squirreled away wads of cash is a lovably slimy, desperately broke local funeral director (Murray). Conscience, heart, and the folly of community gossip are all themes in this story, which culminates in Bush’s valediction to the thousands that gather for his living memorial.

This is my kind of movie. It's what I would write in short story form before being told it's not accessible in fiction class, and really, why don't we hear more from this guy's jock summer romance story where the male protagonist calls out to a female life guard "Great side-boob!" ? (I acknowledge the "side boob" line is pretty great, which is why I remembered it - and who doesn't like them some side boob? But that's escaping my point...)

The point is, what else have I been missing in my very ill-advised hiatus for which I am very sorry, but hey, I'm back with gimongo enthusiasm so... yey?

For anyone out in the interether, feel free to leave in the comments things such as:

"What about this, did you see this?" or
"Hey lunkhead, check this out," or
"Hey, I think you're pretty great, here's a million dollars."

Because clearly, I've got some catching up to do. Help me.

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  1. Hey, I think you're pretty great! Here's a million dollars! ... Granted it's Monopoly money (digital not paper)... but you didn't specify!