Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing Pretend: Poll

EDIT: Do you guys see the poll or is it not showing up and I'm hallucinating? Because sometimes it's there, and sometimes it isn't. If it stinks, just respond in the comments.

This is where a Playing Pretend blog of it's own would come in handy; I want to talk improvisation - the awful set I did in class and then particularly talk about my own mistakes in an audition I had, but I feel weird coming to Throwing Ink to do it. So for those people I *know* read the blog (blogger stats got my back yo, I know y'alls exist - comment once in a while so I don't feel so lonely! Also, publicly follow! Seeing your avatars on my page also makes me feel cozy and loved and less lonely just like comments do!) I present to you a poll:


If I get mostly "yes"es I'll probably change the subheading of the blog to... I dunno yet, and I'll feel safe posting more theatre-y stuff.

I was going to write about the improv in this here blog post but the wind got taken out of my sails a bit by having to make a quick exit out of the physical location where I was originally blogging from. Also, I got emailed a call back for that audition I mentioned (yay!), and while I still want to talk about the improv mistakes I had and what I learned from it (and how it applies to writing), I'm going to wait a bit. I'm preoccupied right now and want to get this poll up.

Note: If the poll isn't showing up, it asks:  "Would you be okay with my including more acting/theatre stuff in this heretofore "screenwriting" blog?"
Options are:
"Yes - hearing about acting and theatre will be interesting and helpful!"
"Hells No! - This piece be called Throwing Ink - A Screenwriting Blog for a reason!"

Feel free to respond in the comments if the poll is a fraud.


  1. I say yes, because that poll thing is a pain in the ass. I'm not made of tabs.

    And I'm here, good madam. Just busy admiring the header.

  2. Thanks Simon, sorry about the crap poll.

    Love your toastface avatar, and the credit for my header goes to my sister.